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Playing Live for The Fans

In a lively corner of Culver City’s Town Plaza, Skinnytubs rocked the stage with vibrant acoustics and stage conversations. As an audience member, you feel like he’s telling you a story. You're listening to his music, but you are also listening to stories of how and why and the time it took to spit out this tune just right. Skinnytubs certainly experiences music on a deeper level and lucky for each listener, he is capable of letting out just a slice of his personality, leaving the listener wanting more -- more love stories, more falsettos. More of Shayna, his pup, hoping on stage eager to make her debut. Even the kids wanted more as they anonymously lingered towards the stage, dancing along to the music. The crowd had grown so large that the showrunner had to add more seats for Skinnytubs' audience! Ears and souls tapped along leaving Skinnytubs is ready for a summer full of shows ACROSS THE U.S.!

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