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The Healing Power of Sound - THIS SATURDAY!

Join Andy and Friends for a healing music experience this weekend...

In the first portion of the workshop lead by Andy, the audience will be taken on a musical journey using video and experiential active music making, to reveal an overview of the current science and healing benefits of the therapeutic music process. Applications of music therapy in a variety of populations and conditions including; Dementia, Autism, Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Healthy Pregnancy and over-all Brain Fitness, will be discussed.We will then head outside into a beautiful nature setting for an embodied, Heart-centered journey through the realms of Light and Sound lead by Shakti. She will share guided meditations, movement practices and vocal exercises to support us in unlocking the healing power of our own voices and revealing the wisdom held in our bodies. She will also share a sound healing to Bless our integration incorporating her voice and sacred instruments such as the crystal singing bowl, medicine drum, rattle and flute. We will be held in an open, playful and safe space to open our creative channels, explore our soul expression through form and reconnect with the infinite Love within.This will be a healing, balanced and integrated experience, incorporating both the Masculine and Feminine approaches to Sacred Sound. Come join us in a creative space of playful exploration, scientific education, and Empowered Embodiment as we connect with The Healing Power of Sound.

All are welcome!



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