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Andy Tubman



Drawing from his Nashville roots, singer songwriter, producer, film composer and performer Andy Tubman creates lilting melodies and sensual grooves which captivates with warm intimacy. Songs such as “Chil” from the 2016 Keith Gattis produced album, Sea of Sin, evoke the sounds of Jeff Buckley and Ray LaMontagne with emotional spellbinding and stunning simplicity. In addition, Tubman’s experience as a licensed music therapist working in psychiatric hospitals was the inspirational backdrop for his song, Quiet Inside, from the film, The Jacket starring Adrien Brody and Keira Knightley.


A cofounding member of the LA based groove band, The Jane Does, Tubman now prepares for his self-produced and soon-to-be-released solo album "Tremblin'"(See Below For More Information).

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23,000 fans in mainland China

34,000,000 streams total

20,000,000 streams of Quiet Inside

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New  unreleased  album  2022

Andy Tubman’s Tremblin’, takes you on a journey from fully produced pop smash hits like Walking On A Train and My Name Is Love, to sensual and intimate down tempo laments such as Lost and Sense of Sadness. The anthemic, Just Another Day, is a philosophical exploration of daily life and incorporates Tubman’s readings of philosopher Alan Watts as well as his own theories from his work in psychiatric hospitals as a Music Therapist.  

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